Mounim A. El-Yacoubi

Professor at Institute Polytechnique de Paris

Mounîm A. El-Yacoubi is a Professor at Institut Polytechnique de Paris. Prior to that, At SRTP, CENPARMI, and Parascript, LLC, he developed handwriting recognition software for mail sorting, bank check reading, and form processing, still running daily in automatic reading machines worldwide. He has been Program Co-Chair of ICPRAI 2022, IEEE SWC 2023, and ICCSI 2023, and is General Chair of the 15th International Conference on Human System Interaction (HSI), Paris, 2024. His research interests include AI, machine learning & deep learning, modeling human user data, especially behavioral signals like handwriting, voice, gesture, and activity recognition, with a special focus on e-health and sport, in particular the detection of neurodegenerative and chronic diseases.